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Kodiak Shipyard
Get a lift . . . in the North Pacific

Q. How much will it cost to use the yard and lift?

A. Click here for Rates and details.

The basic fee includes:

  1. initial lift
  2. four hours on the wash pad
  3. movement to a dry moorage site
  4. blocking
  5. launch

Q. How can I schedule a lift?

A. All it takes is a call or an email to the harbor office to check on availability. The yard has plenty of room for six large vessels simultaneously. Some owners schedule lifts months in advance – other vessels are lifted on short notice due to an emergency or for an inspection. Discounts apply for short-duration “inspection” lifts.

Every owner must sign our user agreement and provide proof of insurance. A refundable $750 scheduling will hold your dates. All forms, terms, policies located in the Forms and Documents section of the website.

Q. What is the capacity of Kodiak’s Marine Travelift?


Max Beam 42 feet
Max Length 180 feet
Max Draft 18 feet
Max Displacement 660 tons

Q. How long can my vessel stay in the yard?

A. There is no limit. The yard can accommodate six large vessels simultaneously. Some vessels only need a few hours for an inspection, others do major projects and stay for weeks. The average stay is 15 days.

Q. Is electricity available?

A. Yes, every vessel has access to: 110v single ph, 208v single/three-phase, 440v 3-ph

Q. Can I work on my own boat?

A. It’s an open yard, so yes, after the vessel is blocked, the owner is free to perform his own work or hire a vendor or tradesman. Regular crewmen, covered by the vessel’s insurance, can work on your boat, but tradesmen and other vendors must be on the yard’s list of approved vendors. There is a small fee associated with becoming a vendor; proof of insurance is required. Owners may hire vendors of their own choosing so long as the insurance documents are provided and the fee paid is paid in advance.

Q. What are the insurance requirements?

A. Owners must provide proof of liability and property insurance that covers the vessel and crew from the time the vessel is lifted until launched. The City of Kodiak must be named as “additional insured” and a certificate sent to the harbor office. Full details are in the Best Management Practices.

Q. Is the yard open year-round?

A. Yes. The Marine Travelift and wash down pad are designed to operate year round including the winter months. The heated wash pad makes wash down possible even when temperatures dip below freezing.

Q. What is the best time of year to use the Kodiak shipyard?

A. Our busiest times are in the spring and fall. Every boat owner has unique needs, call to discuss your options. The yard is open year-round, 24/7. Advance reservations are encouraged.

Q. Who operates the lift and manages the shipyard?

A. The City of Kodiak’s Harbor Department operates the lift and manages the yard.

Q. What documents will you ask to see?

A. If this is your first lift in Kodiak we will need to see photos and/or drawings of your hull. You will also need to provide a copy of your vessel’s official USCG documentation and an insurance certificate naming the City of Kodiak as additional insured.

Q. Can my vessel go under cover for work during inclement weather?

A. Currently there is no permanent structure to shelter vessels from the elements. Many projects can be accomplished without enclosing the vessel. When an enclosure is absolutely necessary, owners may contract with a local vendor for scaffolding and shrink wrap to provide a weather-proof enclosure ideal for sandblasting, welding, and painting.

Q. Will I need a diver?

A. Some vessels need a diver to position the straps so that rolling chalks, transducers, and keel coolers are not damaged. A diver is strongly recommended for your vessel’s first lift. Owners may sign a diver waiver, but then assume the risk of an improperly placed strap. A certified diver is on the vendor list of this website.

Q. How can a tradesman or vendor become an authorized service provider?

A. It only takes a few minutes. Applications are available in the documents section of this website. The annual fee is $500. An insurance certificate is required.

Q. What services are currently available in Kodiak?

A. A full range of basic services and supplies are readily available year round: machining, hydraulic, mechanic, electrical, electronic, sand blasting, ship supply and chandlery, hardware, welding, metal supply, hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, car rentals, hospital, clinics, airlines (five flights daily to/from Anchorage), tug assist, groceries, and much more. The Kodiak Area Chamber of Commerce and the Kodiak Convention and Visitors Bureau have a complete list of members.

Q. Can I paint and sandblast in the shipyard?

A. Paint and rust may be sanded, scraped, or sand blasted. All particles must be contained and/or prevented from contaminating the ground or becoming airborne beyond the vessel’s enclosure. Sand blast media must be properly disposed.

Q. What are the safety and environment polices?

A. The yard is completely compliant with all state and federal environmental regulations. Owners, crew and vendors are expected to comply with policies in the Best Management Practices.

Q. Who uses the Kodiak shipyard?

A. Local commercial fishing vessels are 75% of our customers. The remaining 25% are Alaskan vessels home-ported elsewhere. Other commercial sectors using the services are, towing, oil and gas and coastal freighters. Yachts and out-of-state vessels are welcome.