Schedule A Lift

Who do I call?

Contact Administrative Supervisor Tara Prior-Abbott. Call 907-486-8080 or email:

What should I have when I call?

It’s helpful to have the following available during your call:

  • Pictures of your hull if available are very helpful. Email them as an attachment to or
  • Blocking drawings.
  • Schematic drawings of your boat.

What do I need to do before my haul out?

  • Call us to check on availability.
  • Generally vessels can be lifted with liquids aboard, but discuss with our liftmaster.
  • Determine where hull appendages are located so straps can be positioned to avoid damage; rolling chalks can be accommodated but must be discussed in advance.

What forms do I fill out?

We will send you a package of information including our policies and forms. You begin the process by filling out the Vessel Lift Agreement and making a refundable $750 scheduling deposit.

Your insurance carrier must provide a certificate of insurance naming the City of Kodiak as additional insured or certificate holder.

What I have to do to get my boat ready?

You must disclose the quantities and locations of liquids (water and fuel) aboard. You may have to shift liquids to attain weight and balance.

Occasionally high mast lights become an issue. We need to see your vessel’s complete profile.

How to get more information:

Monte Anderson, Harbormaster 907-486-8080

Cooper Curtis, Liftmaster Provided as necessary

Tara Prior-Abbott, Administrative Supervisor 907-486-8085